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Revive Your
Inner Confidence &
Your Natural Beauty

with Cristina’s Complete Beauty Renewal Package


You will look and feel like you’re immune to ageing, blemishes, and fatigue:
You will rewind your ‘facial clock’ back to its best-looking days.
And claim a youthful-looking appearance and smoother baby-like skin… All in 90 days or less!

Imagine how you would feel if you weren’t constantly having to ‘put up’ with flaws like:

  • Blemishes that ruin any chance of taking a good photo…
  • Fine lines adding years to your appearance…
  • Acne scars that just won’t budge…
  • A blotchy complexion that forces you to pile on product…
  • Baggy & dark eye areas that distract from the natural beauty of your eyes…
  • Rough skin that just isn’t attractive to touch.
If you have ZERO interest in putting up with any of that…
If you think ‘ageing gracefully’ is a cop-out… And if you would like to renew your beauty to its best looking natural state, and KEEP it there, then make your beauty timeless with CRISTINA’S BEAUTY RENEWAL PACKAGE.


Medical grade vitamin facials
Cool peels
Cutting edge Slim Skin Analysis
The very best of Environ’s range

Cristina’s Beauty Renewal Package is a specially tailored unique-to-you regimen designed to restore your inner and outer beauty to its best-ever state.


You will look feel and look like you’re immune to ageing, blemishes, and fatigue.

You will rewind your ‘facial clock’ back to its best-looking days.

And claim a youthful-looking appearance and smooth skin.

All in 90 days or less!

Working with Cristina is always a pleasure.  She took the time to address a lot of my skin concerns & recommended the right products.  You will always get an honest opinion from her.  I trust her fully!
Eric M. (Google Review)


Cristina spent over fifteen years as an accountant, but it wasn’t until she became the proud owner, medical laser technician, and lead esthetician at RenewSelf Medspa, Oakville, Ontario, that she finally found real meaning in her work.

I believe my true calling is helping women (and men) statewide reclaim their outer beauty and inner confidence. Many people see age as something to fear, while others advocate ageing out ‘gracefully’… But they say beauty is timeless, and I think yours should be too!

That’s why I believe in rewinding the clock on the appearance of ageing, renewing your beauty to its best natural-looking state, and keeping it there through long-lasting rejuvenating treatments.
Your true beauty is something that should be preserved and cherished, and I’m here to offer a comfortable environment so you can explore the unique-to-you treatments needed to make that happen.


There’s a problem with fitness and nutrition: So many people who offer their services in these fields have absolutely ZERO clue what they’re doing… And if you do find someone who knows how to get results, they’re often so caught up in strict routines and goal setting that they forget all about wellness… And that the point of eating good and exercising is to FEEL good. Fortunately, my good friend Luis is one of the few you can count on for a transformation that actually feels good!
Luis an IFBB world champion and a kickboxing grandmaster, so he knows how to get you REAL results… BUT — his mentality is completely focused on wellness. He believes in FELL GOOD fitness because just like us, he enjoys living life and feeling happy about his routines. Unlike a lot of fitness trainers I’ve met, Luis is genuinely comfortable to be around… No matter what your goals are, I strongly suggest giving his 90 DAY BODY RENEWAL PROGRAM a try!


I stopped by to visit Cristina recently while in town for a business trip. The customer service, professionalism, and welcoming environment was unlike any medspa I have ever been to! She was able to recommend specific products designed to address my skin concerns and kindly explained the reasoning behind every single one of her suggestions. At no point did I feel like she offering a product to simply make a sale… she was honest and upfront from the start.
Elyssa D. (Google Review)

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