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How To Deal with Maskne

Wearing a mask is a given these days. Masks help protect ourselves and others from COVID-19, but they don’t do much to protect our skin from acne. 

“Maskne” is a name given to breakouts that occur in areas of your face that often come into contact with your mask. Maskne occurs because sweat, oil, and bacteria are trapped against your skin while wearing a mask. This aggravates the skin and leads to higher risks of breaking out.

Just because masks are around, that doesn’t mean maskne has to be too. Here are some tips for how to treat the effects of maskne, as recommended by RenewSelf and Dr. Des Fernandes of Environ.

Tip 1: Continue your daily skincare routines

RenewSelf recommends you continue with your skincare routine as normal. Overtreating breakouts can sometimes make them worse instead of better, so we suggest you continue cleansing, treating, and moisturizing your skin as normal.

Tip 2: Keep skin moisturized with Vitamin A

Environ recommends Skin EssentiA® AVST Moisturiser because mild doses of Vitamin A enhance the benefits of natural moisturizing factors of the skin. 

Tip 3: Boost the skin’s immunity                                            

Focus Care + Comfort Vitamin Enriched Colostrum Gel by Environ contains powerful antioxidants which boost the benefits of the skin’s natural immunity and soothe the appearance of sensitivity. This helps strengthen and heal your skin and prevent maskne from occurring.

Tip 4: Clear the appearance of breakouts

Environ recommends Sebu-Wash Gel Cleanser, Sebu-Lac Lotion, and Sebu Clear Masque to help clean, control and clear the appearance of breakouts with AHA’s, BHA’s, and Vitamin A.

Tip 5: Avoid wearing makeup under your mask

Makeup can irritate and clog pores, especially when combined with a mask. If you can, avoid wearing makeup under your mask entirely. This will significantly reduce the dirt and oil buildup in the mask area and reduce the chances of severe maskne. This will also help keep your mask cleaner for longer.

Woman wearing a mask

If the above steps do not help, look into other options to more specifically target your maskne. Check with a dermatologist or book an appointment with RenewSelf to discuss other options.

Masks are going to be around for a while, so it’s best to learn how to deal with their side effects. Keeping the community safe doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your skin. If you follow the steps above, you can stay safe and keep your skin healthy and clear.

Sometimes at-home treatments are not enough. Always contact a professional for advice if your skin is causing you pain or issues. Please call us at 905-339-0312 or email us at info@RenewSelfMedspa.ca to schedule an appointment. 

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