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At Renew Self our eye lash extensions technicians use the highest quality lashes; apply expert techniques to give you the best glam look. Not sure which types of lashes to choose?

Come in for a consultation and we’ll help you choose.
Classic lash extensions
★ Best for first time clients
Are you looking for that mascara look?

If this is just your first-time applying eyelash extensions, we usually recommend to start with classic eyelash extension.

Classic eyelash extensions are just that classic. They are simple, beautiful and most natural-looking lash extensions. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio which means one lash extension at a time for each natural lash.

The result: classic eyelashes will add length to your existing natural lashes.
Hybrid lash extensions

Hybrid lash extensions gives you the best of both worlds: a blend of classic
lashes and volume lashes.

This style is perfect for those who want to step up from the classic style and want a bit more of a fuller look but without going for the bold look of volume lashes.

They are quite popular as it offers a wispy, natural lash line with a little drama.

They are strategically placed based on the eye area and the look you want to achieve (think cat-eye, eye opening look etc)

Volume lash extensions

Do you want to achieve that GLAM look? Then volume extensions are right for you!

At RenewSelf we create hand-made volume lash fans on the spot. Creating hand-made volume lash extensions is a skill and based on your natural lashes we decide how many fans we need to add so your existing lashes stay healthy and have a strong base so your retention is impeccable until your next refill. They are applied on a 3:5 ratio. Not all eye shapes are created equal. We believe that creating a customized look, based on your eye shape, creating a symmetrical fan that looks fluffy and clean is the way to go instead of going the easy way by placing pre-made fans.

MEGA VOLUME lash extensions

Are you willing to go that extra-mile with rock and edgy, super full lash look?

To achieve the Mega VOLUME look, having strong natural lashes is important as their application requires more than 10 eyelashes on each natural lash. Because of the fact that we use a greater number of lashes, we use finer eyelashes in comparison to volume eyelashes At RenewSelf we create hand-made MEGA volume lash fans on the spot to ensure that the natural lashes will not get too pressured by the weight.

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