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Meet Cristina!

Cristina Lobato is the proud owner and esthetician in charge at RenewSelf Medspa in Oakville, Ontario. Before she started her business, Cristina worked as an accountant for more than fifteen years. Although she found meaning in her work, she could not help but feel as though she had another calling. Cristina was beginning to feel burnt out, and she took some time off. She thought deeply about herself and what she loved to do. Her appreciation for beauty drew her towards esthetics, and after she had fully renewed her approach towards life she made the leap and switched paths to pursue what she was passionate about.

A Transformation

Cristina enrolled in the advanced Medical Laser Technician program in Toronto, where she received her qualifications to be a Medical Laser Technician. She then pursued further courses in both Canada and the USA. Eventually, after a lot of passion and effort, she realized her dream of opening her very own medical spa in Downtown Oakville. Cristina is a proud member of the oakville business association and she is very proud of how far she has come with her business. 

More than anything, Cristina loves what she does. She likes helping people discover a newer version of themselves — just like she did.

A New Self

If you shake up the letters in RENEW you get NEWER. That’s how RenewSelf Medspa started — Cristina renewed herself, and created her own business. With the help of cutting edge tools and treatments, she now offers amazing skincare service to all her customers.

As her mother has said many times before: When you start something you have to shoot for the stars!

After all, healthy skin is always in.

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